My Awaited Phoenix

Written by: Dima N.

Holding back the stubborn tears 
Not of sadness but the harshness of the years 

Chocking on stale memories
Of fake lovers and friends; Oh, the stories!!!

Souls bleeding, pierced by the angels’ cries 
They weep as we don our translucent disguise

You, my love, my mask unveil and the world you redefine
Like vines in paradise, forever our hearts entwine
My eyes imploring, leave my faith intact 
My mind with doubtful hope seek a truthful act

Oh, take mercy; don’t be fooled by our virulent spirits 
Twists, Lies, deceit, and hate convert to human habits

Like a phoenix, latent truths and honesty one day will rouse
For beneath the ashes are ancient woes and eternal vows