Simple Pleasures

Written by: Rhea Daniel Dear

Making mud tamales
Sucking cherry tomatoes
Gorging on figs til
my stomach ached
Splattering a watermelon
to the ground
Ripping its guts out

Competitively running
from the start of Isabella Street
to the Rail Road Tracks
of our dead end street
I was faster than Larry and Mike!

Blowing bubbles
that floated to Neverland
Chalking a mansion 
With rooms for 50 kids
flowers and space

Chinaberry fights
launched from the
bricked front porch
Nefretitti poised like a 
snake slithering styling
down the driveway

Week long Scrabble
and hours of 
about the universe
and universes beyond

Parades with high
stepping majorettes
avoiding the horse manure
Jacks, jumprope and 
drinking Kool-Aid from
the pitcher 
(Shhh, don't tell)

Simple pleasures
Simply learned
From children