Written by: Pamela Davison

I have loved life too passionately 
To fear living a single moment, 
Nor do I doubt the truth that 
Lives and breathes in the 
Spirit of magnification 
As it lights the way. 
I will let each day 
Swallow me 
Nearer to me 
Now, and feel the 
Power of this creative 
Time while it amplifies the 
Teachings to so much more 
Than our imaginings ever allowed. 

We are the dreamers planting seeds 
For tomorrow, and I will celebrate 
Each rising sun for the burning 
Waters of blistering tides, 
Even as it re-births a 
New and better 
The howl 
Of reckoning 
As it awakens, and 
Calls for our attention. 
Let the winds of knowledge 
Ignite the fireflies of influence, 
Heartbreaking in its exquisiteness. 
It is here discovery beckons awareness.