Story of a Friend

Written by: Jessica Hanna

I have heard them say
Let it shine
Making things seem fine
Who are they?

They can cease dismay,
Cut the line
Give a sign 
Of what I should say.

They have made me feel 
Life so good,
Going where I should
It was real.

But real is not true,
Not always;
Gives a raise
To a twining blue.

The lost decision
Shall reveal,
It’s enough to heal

I am really hurt,
Comes trial
Then a frenzy flirt.

I can but wonder
Where will end
Story of a friend,
The tender.

A heart to solder.
Should I try
Seldom cry
Be a pretender?

Can you still play?
Please confess,
Merely love was less

Can we continue?
I’d say yes
It’s a mess	
But we lately flew