What Would Death Have in Store

Written by: Jessica Hanna

What would death have in store
Similar to what I’ve waited for,
And along my lasting way
Will I have to suffer more?

What if tonight I sit and pray
Till I get nothing to say,
And when vanity interferes
Shall I pack my things or stay?

I get hopes and I get fears,
Angels coping at my ears,
All what keeps the deafening sound
Is a lake of useless tears.

We move, and move, and move around
In a circle yet not found,
But if we raise our looks up high,
Holy mother has never frowned.

By simple nature we just try,
Though it’s more to justify
What a grateful smile can bring,
Yet it’s hard to simplify.

Amidst the world of shattered rings
And lovely cardinals with broken wings,
Without the power of a king,
Who on Earth would dare and sing?

Jessica J. Hanna
25th of feb. 07