Written by: Margaret Okubo

Many a day we stray
Stray from the straight and narrow 
The golden path, the Way
So blinded we are by the 
neon lights of evil and vice 
that draw us closer day by day
Enmeshing us in the horror and coil 
of the great world's turmoil.

 Groping and stumbling 
life is hard we say but
Free choice we wanted
Free choice we got
Look what we’ve done
With this power bestowed

Then one bright day 
A song, a word, an angel perhaps
Open our eyes and what do we see
 A blinding flash, His true light
 Glorious prisms, colorful and bright 
Warm and loving, oh what a sight 

  Thick scales drop from our eyes
 No longer lost, we find the Way 
Smooth and even, a ride on the clouds
  Thanks and praise we sing and shout
as we savor  and cling  to His abundant love.