Written by: Ed Coet

I journey in to your mind unknown,
in to your heart of secrets untold.
Where the stitches of your future are sewn,
in to your dreams where your destiny will unfold.

I look deeply and I can see
the extent of your disillusion.
By your side is where I'll be
helping to end your confusion.

For I am your teacher,
a giver of all that I can;
an educator and a nurturer,
committed to helping you I am.

You can completely trust me,
this truth I solemnly say,
for I don't do this for the money,
the love of teaching is why I stay.

Teaching is a gift,
for both the recipient and the giver.
Learning is your precious gift
and mine is being your teacher.

Self-worth isn't about money,
it's about how you live and give.
and I hope there will come a day
when you'll appreciate the teaching I did.

And on that very last day
when I'm called to my final rest,
I'll be comforted in hearing our Lord say,
"Well done teacher, you gave your very best."