I'm Not in Love?

Written by: Angela Lisle

I'm Not in Love? Or I'm Not in Love? Or I'm Not in Love? 
(A very sweet song, do you remember it from the late 1970s 10CC?)
It appears that we can never distinguish between
'The Beat' and 'The Beast'
'Love' and 'Lust'
'Love' and 'SEX' or 
Venus? and Mars?…
I must say, 'Ambiance' I prefer to 'The Beat' 
Most times 
But lack of 'Ambiance' leads to 
'Lust' for 'The Beat'; or 'Beast' 
Or both?
Abstinence my friend would put the music business out of action!
For example, I abstained from listening to Roxy – 
Did they sing 'Come on Eileen'?
Or were they the backing group for Bryan Ferry?…
Anyway, they disappeared –
…too many people were abstaining to buy!? 
But really – what are Love Songs?
Hey you, I need a Friend', 
But don't bend, cos, we both are bro, u, u, thers
Looks to me like what some call the evolution of the species 
(homosexuality - it's on its second round!)
…is really not good (oh oh, oh oh,)
For males; cos females have both genitalia in the embryonic state 
and via the process of evolution will turn into 
Androgynous beings…
Oh dear, where would the music business be then? –
Eh, eh, 
Full of Androgynous clones?
Erogenous zone, oh ohnes…
Or Bowie 'Comin out' he/s clo oh onez (David was the only he/she I know who 
went from 'he/s' to 'he' rather than 'she'?) I love him so very much!
Oh yeah...
If you turn this page on its side, the lines resemble an electronic lie detector or 
an electronic heart beat monitor printout? I can't distinguish between neither of 
these either. You should 'Go Ask Alice'.