Let Me Be The Secret You Promised To Keep.

Written by: Maryam shahbaz

I'll count the minutes till the end of our lives.
I'll breathe again just to stay alive.
I'll let you hold my hand and take me away.
Tell me something never told before.
Hold me round the waist and
Kiss me where i'm sore.
Give me everything i need,
All the feelings i adore.

Blow away the tears i cry
and tell me it'll be alright.
Stay close by my side
Its too hard to say goodbye.
Hold me and promise never to let go.
Let me be that secret 
No ones supposed to know.

I'll stay with you forever if you 
Promise not to go.
I'll be your one and only, 
And the everything you ever wanted.
I'll hide with you in a corner
Until the day ends.
I'll love you forever 
Your more to me than just a friend.

I'll count the times my heart will beat
And remember all the breaths i take.
I'll cound the minutes till the 
End of our lives.
I'll stab my soul just to see if its real
Then watch the blood drop
Like a thousand knives.
I'll bear the pain and let it heal.
I'll spill a tear down my cheek
Waiting for you to blow it away, and
Say it'll be alright.

I'll do anything just to be with you.
Never leave me, never go.
Forget everyone around seperating
Our worlds.
For this love of ours, is beyond
The love i know.
You'll stay in my heart from 
Now till foever.
Deaf from the words others say
I'll sit here and wait for the day.

When everyone will stop looking
And stop careing, because now, i'm yours.
And i shall wait,
And i shall cry,
Counting the minutes until i see you,
Counting the minutes till the rest of our lives.