When the heart yelled SOS

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

When sometimes things are wrong
You wish there is some one you can hold 
When sometimes things gets complicated
You wish there are less mysteries to unfold

A wish to have a guiding star
To guide you right and show you the way
To fulfilled a dream still afar
But there are none, only dismays…

When at times the heart contains much emotion
You wish there is some one there for you
But there are only echoes of voices, 
Which leads you to nowhere new

Then you realize, you are on your own
By yourself to continue the voyage of change
You looked around for help 
But assistance came to no avail

Not knowing where to go
Not knowing where to continue
You came to a halt
Searching for unwritten clue

Who were there and comforted you
When you need a shoulder to borrow?
Who were there and hears you
When you pour out tears of sorrows?