The Greatest Poem I Never Wrote

Written by: Laura Meese

The greatest poem ever written must hold many truths.
To define Love,
Pure Love
In words can only be dreamt.
To spell out all musical notations of a symphony,
Harmonies that call to the heart,
Would require a paper too immense.
To paint a picture through language,
The language of love.
A pencil detailed enough could not be found,
To write the greatest love poem ever.
A smile must be drawn with a tear,
A mosaic without color,
A jewel out of waste,
A feast out of a cup of flower.
But most of all,
To write the greatest poem ever told,
Would have to come from
Love turning into magic,
And magic in turn to Love.
Today I looked into your eyes,
Already knowing I loved you,
Knowing what you carried in your heart,
Knowing I have the space to step back,
Knowing already that I never will,
I looked into your eyes,
Into your mind,
Into your soul,
Into your heart,
And found one thing;
You are the greatest poem I never wrote.