I'm Not Sorry I'm Bad

Written by: Jason Thomas

We are in love with these insane streets- 
because it keeps us sane, replaces the pain, 
The overwhelming pain, this burden- 
you left for me to carry when you left me and mom in the rain 
Alone to fend for ourselves or die- 
in this treacherous place and mom 
She was just too innocent to get this- 
this trial to cope with at a early age 
You didn't even to go to jail- 
as if that would make this any better 
Never wanted this responsibility- 
and oh Savior how i was enraged 
Even though mom left too to seek- 
out life that could make living better 
And stranded again I was- 
with people who never knew to teach love 
I hated you for that and even though- 
 you've made strides towards mending 
This soul of a son you left- 
I'm not sorry you left, I hate no more 
For without it i'd be lost for sure 
These streets that don't care to kill 
But loved and hugged me rugged with chill 
I'm glad you both did your mistakes to mold me 
And I'm not sorry I'm bad, Let God scold me 

                                      Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas