All i have isn't mine Vanity

Written by: melvin beckley

If men tell, carefully
all that men,shall one day have to tell
who then shall heed men voices
without giggling, complaining
of solitary voice like sad beggars.
who indeed with godly heart heed
to them without laughter.
    If men cry out of our torments,
that evenly increased from yonder miles,
which eyes will then watch, without pointing,
mocking, gossiping and teasing.
yet if men tells of truth, which mouth will patience,
 and heed to men tales.
the mouth in hungry soars,shape in
big wounds by large kids.
how many eyes will watch in glad
what heart will listen to large rage
of clamor?
who will hear to men pity continence?
who will accept  men as a brother of 
one soul?
that grows like a tumor,
to just thy deaf ears of men,
that will cry gently in endless time
of all which ear will listen
to men sobbing heart.