Written by: Ed Coet

When I first met you I couldn’t leave you,
not even in my thoughts.
Nothing has changed.  You are still there.

Without you I was nothing.
With you, everything.
You made me.
If I wakened in the night, regardless of reason, 
I reached for you. Like a child in need of nurturing, 
the sight of you gave me comfort.
I recall combat in the sands of Desert Storm.
There you were, in my heart and mind.
Still, you gave me comfort.
I see you in our children. 
How they look and act. How they live their lives.
They are one with you as you are one with me.
We grew old together.
That was a blessing. Life was wonderful,
but only because I had you.
In the hospital when I was gravelly ill -
there you were, by my bedside.
You were the cure that I needed.
God made me say good-bye.
It hurts. I still cry.  
Yet, even in death you give me comfort.