Written by: Ed Coet

The moment I saw you,
the instinct I captured that first 
glimpse of breathtaking beauty it 
shook me to the depth of my soul,
to the core of my being, 
and I thought I would explode in ecstasy.

The moment I caught a glimpse
of your glimmering smile, 
and felt the penetrating warmth
of your essence, purity and goodness, 
your kindness and charm,
I was captivated body and soul.

That was the moment I was drawn in.
I was over come by an imaginary truth 
that I could not explain and
could only feel and experience.
It explained that one emotion 
that everyone seeks.  It explained love.

That moment could not be denied me. 
It could never be diminished or dismissed.
It was wholly mine to cling to
for however long I wanted.
It was complete perfection.
It was the moment I dreamt you.