Written by: Robyn Blauw

There are friends that say
They think of you
And friends that say they care
Those friends that you just find sometimes

The ones that say they share
Those friends they take some part of you
And make you think they’re there
Those friends I need to break down walls
Of mistrust and despair

I need them as a life line
To feel something inside
Too often in this lifetime
I’ve felt my being die.

I find it hard to trust some 
It’s not a choice for me
I’m looking for some bridges
To help my life be free

I chat here and I wonder
Maybe you’ll hold the key
Maybe I’ll learn to trust one
That’s all I want for me

Too often I’ve been let down
By those that say they care
I’ve given heart and soul to one
And now I just don’t dare.

Deep inside by being cries
With love I what to share
But first I really need to learn
Once more I need to care.

I look around and sometimes find
Someone with whom to chat
Someone that I do hope will find
The key to where I’m at.

It’s not a lot I want from them
Not looking for a mate
I don’t want love or mighty lies
Just needing to relate

Your just another one there now
Who really doesn’t care
You make me feel like shutting down
The world that is out there

I’m feeling so alone within
This life a mystery
Of names and lies and playing games
No substance to your being

I’m leaving now, not saying bye
We hardly said hello
I’ll find the peace that I do need
And live once more tomorrow.