Two Thousand And Eight

Written by: Eli Moon

two thousand and eight
of years that passed by
humans and animals
are living under the same blue sky

and my seventeen years
will come to an end
reaching a mark of eighteen
its a cycle all over again

so i take my hope and crush it open
i take my courage and force it out
with no where to see, or no where to go
only my voice, i will still shout it out loud.

because its not over, nor is it an end
we do still see us, and our lives
because we are still standing here and then
we'll only move forward, 
and forward, we began to survive.

no turning back
no looking around
there is no whispers of hope
but there is a sound

so we follow these steps
and we seek a treasure
a treasure of peace
of peace, it'll bring us happiness

there's no giving up 
no tears of despair
hush, don't cry now
don't you dare.

we're still here
and we're still strong
we're still alive
in places we all belong

don't get lost
just hear this cry.
two thousand and eight
of years had just gone by.