My Heart on a Lily Pad

Written by: maggie flanaganwilkie

It was the center of the night 
and just off the carport, 
forty thousand frogs sang 
a round that cradled the dreams 
of the neighborhood, the town, 
and just then, my life. 

I sat, then stood, 
trying to get closer to the music; 
inside of it, to let the surreal, 
surround sounds smooth the folds 
of my consciouness. I let it fill 
my intangible soul with its sanctity, 
stroke my skin with its simple complexity, 
in a near-orgasmic surrender to something 
I cannot find the words to explain. 

My mind sipped the symphonic nectar 
that spilled over into my reality 
and I wondered if you knew that I loved you 
to the ends of my imagination.