The Kiss

Written by: Ovidiu Bocsa

She didn't come to their date…
At bosom pocket, a flower red
Is trembling mysteriously, mate 
Of sparrows in a quarrel mad.
The silver tower of the church
As endless old column of light,
And green the desperation's birch
Belong to many angels sight.
The bird in flight that never dies...
His solitude, a rose will rest
On their bench; but hope still tries
To bring a thrill in fancy's nest.
She could still come…The fancy's kiss:
How desperate embrace and kiss!

Note: Constantin Brâncuşi (February 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957, ) was a famous 
Romanian sculptor,  whose works -including The Kiss (Gate),The Sleeping 
Muse ,The Endless Column, etc - are well known w.w.