A Sisters Love

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

He has always been there in my life when times get kind of rough.
He has always loved me no matter what though his exterior is tough.
It’s hard to get to know the true him, he doesn’t open up to just anyone.
But if he opens up to you, it can warm you like the sun.
He makes me laugh like no one else; he can always get me going.
When he is in a good mood he brightens my day without knowing.

He is my one and only brother,
I would not trade him for another.
He may not always want to share,
But in his heart he will always care.
I know he may not always know,
All the feelings I do not show.
The love I have for him is grand,
It overflows my cup and hand.
My heart breaks when I see him sad,
I wish for him a soul that’s glad.

He is so very important to me; I hope that he can see.
I love him so much, sometimes that it hurts,
I wish him a heart that’s free!