Written by: Alayande Stephen

We got trapped for seven hours 
We couldn’t un-trap ourselves
From the dungeon of the road
Couldn’t call or receive calls
Was indeed incommunicado 
Sim card got stuck 
Would we ever get to our destination?

She got fed up, endlessly waiting
Luck smiled on me briefly 
As I got through to my cousin 
Who told her of my trap
My sms met hers on the way
She was still very worried
Only short of being scared

The day crawls by gradually,
Hours tickle away slowly
Behold! Darkness hovers 
As it took over the day set aside to unveil 
The faces behind the phone 
The day was over.

Alayande Stephen T.
21st November, 2007

It was written at the Abuja Garage in 
Iwo Road, Ibadan on my way to her in Ado-Ekiti.