Written by: Alayande Stephen

It was 7.15am on that day
I was told to wait somewhere 
In front of a church instead of an eatery
A ploy to identify me without mix up
It was a church christened Power of God

The fifteen minutes of waiting
Was a like a whole long day
Her invented picture ran through my head
I must have gotten it wrong
No, I Know I got it right

The first lady I behold was with a wrapper
With a big bucket to fetch water 
She smiled at me as if she is shy
“God forbid bad thing”, I chorused to myself 
Another one strolled by me
She was a student with a bag
Of a average height and fair beauty
But she wasn’t looking at my way

Looking tattered, dirty and ruffled
For her, I can’t be mistaken for another
For I was the only guy there, seem stranded 
I was getting impatient as I called again
“Hello, I am already there in front of the church”  
“Please, I am very sorry, I am on my way”, she replied. 

Alayande Stephen T.
23rd November 2007

On my way to Akungba –Akoko