Anthropomorphism for Beginners.

Written by: angela sutherland

First of all I would like to say 
A big Thank You to everyone 
Please just find a spot to sit down
Yes, on the floor, Agnes doesnt mind.
I had the chairs removed last week,
After that sit-in stunt they pulled.
No demands yet, still not talking.

Pay no attention to Cybil 
She's feeling frisky I'm afraid
I'd throw her outside but sadly
There's no way that I can trust her
As long as she's under my roof
And the vet bills are paid by me
Its my moral code she'll follow!

So, relax, breathe and say hello 
To the thing sitting beside you
We're all beginners here today
Nothing will laugh at your mistakes
Just one warning before we start
Names have very powerful magic
Be careful what label you choose. 

Try not to change tack half way through
Or do the process more than once
Don't confuse or insult targets
And most important of all
Don't name everything the same
That will just confuse everything
Any questions? Right! Lets begin.