Written by: Steven ormsby

Our Love is heavy hearts at night, when we both surrender to sleep.
To never awaken, never see one another again, compels our eyes to weep.
Our love is a comforting hand to hold, when it seems all hope is gone.
Our love is standing side by side, determined to face life’s’ trials as one.

Our love thrives on those little things all too easy to neglect.
A warming hug. Taking time out to talk, treating both views with respect.
Our love creates a welcoming home, outside troubles are cast aside.
To entertain friends and family together, fills us both with pride.

Our love is a vast safety net, standing strong to catch us should we fall.
Our love is an eternal ring that binds us, a bond unbreakable by all.
Our love is so powerful even the black cloak of death shall not it smother.
For we would search both heaven and hell to be reunited with each other.