I lost them in the war

Written by: Tanika Cooks

So I walked into a bar 
Ordered a drink and sat near the door
Saw a man with no arms he said

“I lost them in the war”

Well I replied
 “What’d you go do that for?”
So I offered him a drink 
And asked to hear his tale

What’s it like over there?
“It’s hard” 
“And the women I bet they’re a real sight”
Meanwhile he spoke of bombs raining day and night

“And what of the shops are they comparable in price” 
“My men,” he said “are being hunted like mice”

“Well you seem like an interesting fellow. What are your plans now that you’re 
“To disappear into the minds of the people who sent me there” 
“You mean to roam the streets like some homeless rogue?” 

He looked ashamed 
“Where are your ambitions son?”

I lost them in the war