I Knew Love

Written by: Colin Marschall

Moonlight plays across the sky
chasing away summers heat,
within these hands I hold our fate,
will our future see past tomorrow?

Slender slit, between petals of orchid lips,
enticing hummingbirds fluttering inside my chest
to taste the sweetness, be stained in you.

Oh how your eyes implore this hesitation
to lay down; succumb,
to breech infinite space and
inhale you.

In defeat, yet in victory,
essence of romance Is sealed,
and this stone we cast upon our waters
shares ripples with mirrored stars,
forever captured between time and love.

No words need crack this moment,
tongues-tied in intimate caress
sharing secrets, spilling promises to blunt
our roses thorns. I wonder
if the sky was jealous.
It could not hold you, nor entice
my angel to fly.

I knew, in that blaze of purity,
how Spring felt to the land,
how this heart had swollen to catch in my throat,
and finally I knew love.