Written by: Vernette Hutcherson

 Write me a way out of sadness and pain
Make it a whimsical , happy refrain.
Pen my way down to the old berry patch
Where we built a house of palmetto thatch
Write  me a path back to childhood's domain
High on a ditch bank at play in the rain.

   A Florida trail that you pencil in gray
Made of oyster shells out of the bay.
Lay out the map made of words that unwind
To take us to someplace that waits in the mind.
An inroad to knowing what means more than gold
A pathway to healing the heart and the soul. 
  So much time has come and gone
And now I'm left all alone
I think of Florida and I smile
So, please write me home, just for awhile

Written with my niece, Johnette Loefgren