True Story A Whales Tale

Written by: 38 Tango


Believe it or not this story is true it occured on 11/6/01.  at Kiakoura in the south 
island New zealand.

At a place called Kiakoura, the other day,
there was a thirty foot whale, in distress in the bay.
A crayfish pot,and rope, around the whales body was wrapped,
it struggled,and struggled, slowly its strengh was being sapped.
So a group of men, out in a fishing boat went,
to see if they could help, before the whale was entirely spent.
Scuba gear on, into the water went Tom,
around to the whales head he swum.
On seeing the man, the whales struggles ceased,
Tom swam up, and touched the mighty beast.
One by one he cut the ropes strands,
the whale turned on its side, to lend a hand.
When the cray fish pot was cut loose from the tail,
thinking it was free, off swam the whale.
But after a hundred yards or so, it came to a stop,
allowing Tom to swim up, and remove the whole lot.
Turning around, the whale looked Tom in the eye,
shook its head from side to side, as if to say thanks, and good bye.
Then with a flip of its tail, it dived and was gone.