Written by: Alayande Stephen

Shock has become part of me
For I have seen the worst
I am now always prepared for the . . .
What else could be more shocking . . . 
Than one’s heart screwing it up selfishly
A whole seven years love was stabbed  
Without winkling nor thinking, Am I in for another?

So, the night looks naturally calm
Not knowing what was in it for me
I wanted to get her on phone
But the network forces prevailed
I had thought aloud to myself
But I was mistaken though appallingly,
“I forgot to swap it, please, I am sorry”

“Forgot”, I queried her shockingly
“I’m sorry” she said, but I was not done yet
She sounded different and her voice very heavy
Certainly from my tiptoe, I knew something was wrong
“What happened? Have I offended you? 
Are you okay?” “No! I am very fine, 
Offended me! Obviously No! you’ve done no such thing”

Alayande Stephen T.
Monday 19th November, 2007

The tangle continues, IBK unveiling new gears.