Written by: Alayande Stephen


Two weeks run past us  
Who, when do we breaks the jinx?
She can’t come to Lagos
Her project thesis on her neck
It then fell on my round neck.

I just came back from Accra
Scheduled another to Abuja
Excuses galore rented the air
Was I scared to beholding her?
Would I like what I will see?

She is getting impatient
As she long a feel of me 
Dirty mind! not of that you think
For she is intact even at
Two dozens plus one age
Her calabash not yet broken.

I was proud of her sanctity
Joy smiled over me of her chastity
Could she be the heart 
I have been searching for?
Please, don’t tell it to her that 
I am dying to see her too.

Alayande Stephen T.
8th November, 2007

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