Written by: Alayande Stephen

We became addicted 
To each other nocturnally
Thanks to the cheaper rate
Of the network that glows with pride 

I was still finding it difficult to tell out
She already celebrated it with her friends
Now, with my name branded “My Love”
All over her phone the third day
Was scared to the marrow like no morrow
Was it actually love on phone?

But wait a little bit!
“What if we don’t like our faces”
Shhhh! We shrugged it off our mind
For I am in love with this voice
We both echoed simultaneously

When to see became a jinx
Two months time my proposal
She nearly screamed the roof off
“I can’t wait to see you Stephen”
Eeeh! Eeeh ! can’t get that” I pretended
“I am dying to see you soonest” she shouted 
I then know, I am in for it 
What! Love via phone, voice only
Who am I to tell my story?
Yet, it is a must tell story.

Alayande Stephen T.
8th November, 2007

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