Long Walks under Midnight Skies

Written by: Ray Angelo Ong

Barefooted, we walked under midnight skies
a thousand miles, altogether.
We chatted, talked, and shared each other’s thoughts
beneath with what that night have brought-
some bright stars
in the midst of dimness;
and cheerfulness in spite of gloominess.
On that long walk as we sauntered,
a million faces we have encountered.
With special characters,
we became brothers and sisters.
Some felt seclusion;
whereas some were filled with bliss,
thrilled with contentment’s kiss;
and as we moved on,
others had to go.
The happy company-
my always cheery party,
had to be lessened, little by little,
no one ever solved that riddle,
until few remained.
And just as an ordinary day,
the sky got mad and started pouring rain.
We quickly found a place to rest;
fired up a bonfire as we built our nest,
and cleansed, we are, by this rainfall.
As soon as the rain had stopped,
we continued walking.
Walked. Walked. Walked.
Finally, we have reached the end
with haloes on top of our heads.