Praise The Lord

Written by: Chris Broyles

Lord I lift thy name on high
To praise thee is now my cry
Thou words be frail, 
Glory, I thankfully hail
Purity,wisdom and all power are thine
In holiness I drink thee as sweet wine
Becoming one in spirit, body and mind
Any deeds I do shall reveal thee in kind
Showing the world that we are one
All glory be yours when it is done
I pray my flesh not hold thee back
As my walk with you is not in lack
For honor I must offer up to you
I represent thee in all that I do
Thank you Lord in all that you allow
Praises I give thee when to thee I bow
Here and now no matter the cost
For I know with out thee the world is lost
This is why I give that lier no place to dwell
Just to see him firmly locked within his cell
Praises to thee oh mighty king
Honor, glory to thee I bring
Let the whole world therefore quake 
For thou art God and I am but  a rake
A tool to be utilized in your wondrous hand
So that you may reap the fertile land