An Un lived Life

Written by: Louise Picek

a cry,
no one thought there was going to be life.
Six fingers on each hand,
six toes on each foot,
everything seemed so wrong,
but when the world looked into your eyes,
they could see God's beauty made with this pain.
Minutes passed to hours,
hours turned to one day at a time.
Patiently waiting,
knowing this heart beat would quickly end.
It's expected,
the last breath,
but somehow it still came as a surprise.
Not even a week had passed,
yet life had come and gone within the same soul.
It seems like an un lived life,
why even let it be?
Is it a reminder of God,
the infinite unknown?
How his hand gives death,
just as quickly as life comes to breathe?
It is all beyond our comprehension.
Do we mourn?
Do we weep?
Think about how this child never knew what life could be?
Do we praise the compassion,
how you ultimately saved her from a world of pain?
So confused by the innermost thoughts,
I sit and wonder what's become of this un lived life.
I won't ever understand your ways,
but God I will be on my knees,
tears falling down my face, 
my lips singing praise.
Though your will is never known,
your light is shown,
even through the eyes of a child
with a life we will never know.