Here I Am

Written by: Eli Moon

breathe in hard
see it wide
the sky is so bright
yet, its so cold tonight.

a love has gone and fade away
and i have lived through these evil days
and you're gone to find another way
go on now, i care less what you may say.

so i take my leave and wave goodbye.
before i exploded and live with your deceiving smile
so here i am, leading a new life
how wonderful it is to see again this beautiful sky..

i counted the stones that i left behind
there's no more happy memories that i can find
it is okay, giving out a little sigh
my life is no more broken as now it has shined.

so i trimmed my hair a little
and yesterday, i turned seventeen
no birthday gifts or midnight parties
just me and this time machine.

a little older, i have become
a little bigger now i am strong
cuz here i am, leading a life

a life and place,
somewhere i belong.