Her name was Love

Written by: Riah Hari

Love was her name, her eyes the color of the ocean,
At only sixteen, she didn’t have the slightest notion,
Of what lay in store, what was the excitement?
The strange smiles, head nods and commotion.

Her parents sat her down one day,” Meet Rahul,”mom said,
In three months time it will be your wedding day.
“Oh,” she said, tears welling in her eyes,
“Gee thanks mom, dad, you too kind”

I’m getting married she thought, I must be in love,
But where is the love? Is it below or above?
Her thoughts suddenly are on Amor,
The boy on the corner, who carries her books for her.

But Amor is neither handsome nor rich,
He works hard by day, in a mill that hardly pays.
His family waits for their food you see,
Twelve hungry mouths to feed.

A second job he has at night,
Carrying wheat for the local dealer, Mike.
That extra money he puts aside,
For the beautiful anklet she so desired.

He’s too poor you see, so what gives him the right,
With no green eyes, and dimples or money in sight.
But mom knows best, she’s mom after all,
Getting rid of their daughter was their only reward.