The Untouched Beauty of India

Written by: Riah Hari

On top of a mountain I stand, lo and behold,
A ball of orange, encased in yellow and gold.
Slowly rising above the sea, so large and bright,
I stare in awe, oh what a beautiful sight.

Two mountains besides me, east and west,
A glistening stream below, in motion at its best.
Gushing springs from the mountain top, a steady fall,
Music echoes from a distance, if that’s not all.

Thick mist below, like clouds over the stream,
That runs smoothly and calmly, straight into the sea.
I feel like a bird, Oh I wish I could fly”
I’d spread my wings and fly, high up into the sky.

This untouched beauty I see, that’s all around,
No buildings so tall are to be found.
God preserved this picture, especially for me,
To build my castle, surrounded by oak trees.

I’ll tan under the heavens, with the sun only to see,
I’ll bathe under the waterfall that flows into the sea.
I’ll sing on the mountain, just for the birds in the trees,
I’ll dance in the summer rains, buck naked, oh, hell would freeze.

I’ll lay under the stars, on a bright moonlit night,
With you my precious Angel, right here by my side.
Making love all night, without any complaints,
No neighbors, no friends, no parents to faint.