To My Daughter-In-Law,Aimee-Leigh.

Written by: Sharon Leonard

                        To My Daughter-in-Law,Aimee-Leigh.

What a beautiful name for a wonderful girl,
Who sets my heart in a whirl;
As pretty as a picture,a heart so big and true,
With a love so pure and perfect,sent out to me and you.
Contrite and sweet,proud and strong,
A melody,to a beautiful song;
Your always there, to show your love,
Just like an angel,sent from above.
It does my heart such pleasure,
Your ways I truely treasure;
As in this life,you find your way,
And also help others,along the way.
God saw my heart,He knew my need,
For the daughter-in-law,that I did plead;
I thank Him for each day,for your place in my life,
And,that my son,found a beautiful wife.
Your welcomed,in this family of mine,
Forever and always,till the end of time;
Thankyou so much,for your love and your care,
And for being my daughter,so true and so fair.
I'm priveledged to know you,as a daughter and a friend,
And to know,you are some-one,on whom I can depend;
God bless you today,and forever more;
And,know that I love you,of that you can be sure.

By Sharon.L.Leonard.  8th,November,2007.