Rise up and Stand Tall

Written by: Riah Hari

In the wake of India train Bombings-7/11/06

Wake up blessed people; shine your light in the night,
Tomorrow may be another day, but evil walks the shadows tonight.
As silence falls on the minds of the contrite heart,
Cowardly they watch as the monsoon rains start.

Awaken my loyal people, another train awaits,
Tomorrow’s but another day, lets not lose our faith.
Love is for the living, and we will live to love,
They cannot destroy us, only the Lord above.

Wake up my vibrant people; let’s stand tall,
Tomorrow is another day, lift all those who fall.
Our bodies are just hurt, but our minds still live on,
Our dead we’ve buried, but our spirits still strong.

Stand tall beautiful people, lets lead the way,
Tomorrow’s not far away, together we’ll walk brave
Our courage we hold dear, no one can touch,
Our hearts are but broken, our souls still so large.

Stand up my faithful people, lets walk on,
Tomorrows yet another day, we’ll still sing our song.
Our lives are but borrowed, and that is the fact,
We’re all God’s people, fear is just a setback.

Rise up Gods people, the nation is strong,
Tomorrow’s come already, and we’re still holding on.
A billion souls they tried to burn,
but together we’re bound, by Love alone.