Panther boy

Written by: Lis Lovén

My panther boy was magic
As the sun was swallowed by the Värend lakes
The train taking us from one coast to another
And jet-speed below us

( I had always dreamt of Fox men with bones
  in their noses and furry stuff round their neck )
( Some wanted to call me a Hippie girl when I was younger )

I suppose it´s never in the words
or in the descriptions,
  so of course, you come ´round with these words:
” another kind of racism ”…..ugh, I bleed
but I promise, HE was Panther
His skin my alphabet that day
His eyes more than muddy wells
( I knew she was romantic )
It was not for a single night, no
This Panther touched the Universe,
He was my Twin Soul,
What else could I have done?

Today Moon eats me slowly
I´m still too hungry
I´m still a kind of sister
But please don´t ever again mummy me