Written by: Luminita Stoica

In every life of human size,
There are some moments clearly set,
When detachment comes easily
And your brain's a wisdom outlet.

At the sole time of occurrence,
If the mind's not sorrow drained,
Pass your level of endurance,
So your conscience cannot be maimed!

The reason for this precaution
Is as simple as a park walk.
People are scared of the motion 
Of very witty human talk.

So when, in that time, you decide
A good remark to clearly make
The other will, a bit aside,
Contemplate how flight to take

From who steps out of social play
Stops and tries true things to utter
And gets blamed for insanity
When they analyze the matter.

They decide you've changed a lot,
Too much has happened to you now,
Ostracized you'll be from the lot
Whom, for you, took the friendship vow.

You leave those moments full of grief,
You feel as if you are to blame
For shuttering the wrong belief 
That truth and lies are all the same.

Suffices to lie while smiling
When things look in an awful way
Instead of truly replying,
Making them hear what you must say.