Listen Slowly

Written by: Jason Thomas

You only heard Him when he whispered to you,
Didn't you feel His voice as He held up the tree
Yes that cool wind that rubbed and soothed you
Listen slowly dear, there  He'll  always be

Who you think taught the birds too sing
He's the one, they follow His direction
And when nature plays her many instruments
Who you think gave her instruction
The bassy beats of the raindrops,
or the pitter patter on the crops
Listen slowly He's near

By the river or the stream,
a pond, lake or spring
All the creatures that live to swim
Him alone creator of every being
Listen slowly, He'll new joy bring

The next you allow your mind to listen,
to the silence or to nature song
There is a message it brings along
Listen slowly dear, dear slowly listen

          Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas