Lost Poetry

Written by: Rhea Daniel Dear

I carried my poetry in an old

Leather valise closed and opened with

A pleated accordion top that 

Kept my notches recorded in little

Books and tiny magazines from

Small universities and shimmering

Ambitious pressed until

One day in a thunderstorm,

My valise was swept away and I had

To start all over

Every poem save memories

Washed away like bottles with notes

Bobbing in the waves

Going away, receding into the 

Depths and I could not swim

Bravely or fast enough or smart enough

And the rescuers could not deal with bottles of


Sheaves of paper

Unpublished manuscripts lost at sea.

A baboon eating cereal guarded the 

Waters, slapping at my creations

Sending them further and further away

Until a tear in my heart collapsed

And I backed away into a higher dimension

Starting a new poem that I carry in my new valise

Still time and explosions to be filled