Insanity and Water # 709

Written by: Rhea Daniel Dear

Place a hat on my head and see yourself drawing flowers not drowning in the 

How would they have survived a beastly incident like that?

Water, water, everywhere, water and you had to get out only where were you 

Do we all brag and feel insecure?

I tire of the rain and the pain and the little blotchy spaces across my cheeks.

I call out for expulsion.

Communication is best for some of us, rather than for all of us

Whoops falling asleep at the keyboard and writing other nonsense to substitute 

Insecurities of E, C, G, S, H, R, CC 2 @

Folded papers with notes from well wishers.

Wake up to a dead mother and the waters rising.

Swelling under your arm, lump in your breast

Sore throat, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, fear and trepidation

Are you ready to move on?

How does one prepare?

Your phone is still adddddddddddddddddd

When he enters a room or comes in the house a shiver goes down my heart

Like an icy sliver of heart and I regret that we never got to see him like the others

But still he is your son and 

How many faces do you leave in a jar-mcartney or lennon

Ice cold sparkling kitchen left nasty and ugly and contaminated.

Okay begin your security processes; begin your fake lamb chops and your 
crackling bread and all your furious moments come into a better day and say 
hello sunshine like 

A bear and a boa constrictor

Construction worker