Written by: Michael Grugan

dedicated to Schonkrieger DMJ

In sunburnt pastures far and flowing,
Your love is an angels's mandolin
Which soothes such things as soothings seek,
Our hands enmeshed midst that verdure's 'spanse
A fateful union fated, frenzied,
Tho now entranced in pleasing rest...
And Autumn then would kiss his Spring,
And all that bounty know,
Adrift 'pon Idyll's em'rald tide
Of Love and of endless loving's dream...

Fair Rose of Black , that sweet embrace,
Coronal jewel of all my wanting,
How breathless I behold you
Whom all my sighs ensnare!
For I'd the Sun a captive make
As lamp unto my bleedful soul-
'Tis yours, my Dawn!
My sweet Love's Dream,
As Crown Prince of my heart's estate
'Tho the Heavens drop, I'll hold you...