Skin I'm In Part Four

Written by: Rhea Daniel Dear

Now my skin issue sags and has bags and droops.  
Aging skin, I smile, frown, ignore and pay way too much attention to my own 
aging and skin sends up the flares.  
"You're getting old girl."  "You're tired girl, get some rest, you look haggard, 
wrinkled, sagging old."  "Your skin looks tired, dry, depressed, and old."  
This is all self talk.  To me, to my skin, little directives-get some moisturizer, put 
some cream on your feet, lotion your ashy elbows, find something for those sags 
underneath your eyes.  
Yet I've earned my wrinkles. Five grown children who've never all eaten a meal 
together, two marriages, a treasure chest of seven grandchildren. (Two more on 
the way )
I've worn myself thin on this 'story'.  .  Thankful for the skin, I'm in- be it bruised, 
radiant, and wrinkled. (Yes, those stretch marks are badges of honor but toning 
them down and evening them out can be a rite of passage also.)  
Oh yes and just as an aside, we were Vaseline lovers for decades, in winter, 
summer, for church or school, you put your shine on with your Vaseline, even in 
your hair and sometimes on your patent leather shoes but those are other 
stories, for another time.