Is This It

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

There are no new dreams for me to seek
My life is all written, everyday just seems bleak
I have made all my choices, my future is set
No more days to look forward to just duty and debt
I've lived all my new days that I have to live
Now everyday is mundane and all I do is give
I miss all the new things that being young brings
Theres new love and new dreams and all sorts of things
Now all there is is work, laundry, dishes, and kids
I know when I wake this is all my day brings
I've given up on wishing, I've given up on dreams. I've given up on hoping this is 
how it all seems.
Some days I don't even want to get out of bed
I wish I could just lay down and rest my tired head
I've looked and I've looked for excitment to come
But as of today I can't think of just one
I look at my kids and see dreams in their eyes
But instead of being happy for them I just turn and cry
I know this is wrong, I know it's not fair
I should be a better mother and show them I care
I want them to have their hopes and their dreams
To have a better life than my past could bring
And even though I know this is the life I'm destin to have
I still want more , does that seem so bad?