Then, the gods must be crazy.

Written by: richard nah

Bago bago…
Sounded the drums at the village square,
This time not for a mere elderly meeting nor was it for a village gathering.
Neither was it for a warrior’s announcement.

So I dash into the hut,
Alerting grand-pa,
 Who was sited by the fire side sniffing snuff

Child; he childed
The drums speaks at a distance,
But the elders had predicted.

Sit down, he added
You are being summoned by the Ngû at the village shrine,
Following the issue between you and Nyibio

Meanwhile I sad down listening to grand-pa,
I took things light;
Besides the princess is in love with me and not with that old notable Nyibio

Son; he sonded
You are to appear there before three days,
If not you will be banish from this land.
But I prefer you go and check “whatz” wrong tomorrow.

So I set off for the shrine as early as possible the next day;
Arriving the shrine and seeing the angry look of the shrine master,
I knew there was going to be trouble.

Nyibio must have motivated him,
A battle between David and Goliath was certain.

Stand here; he said
Speak out, he added arrogantly
Tell the gods what you know about the princess;
It continues…