The loss of shape........

Written by: Adam Piper

thank you for letting me be myself
sometimes i speak
in cliches
just don't let me
play it out

i speak from the heart
and that's all I could ever do

if these words
can't move you
i have nothing
left to lose

i want you in my world
and that's just that start
everything i say
and do is
strictly from the heart

my lines become blurred
and my words lose their shape

no matter my recourse
I'm still dwelling in hate

But I don't give up
and i always face
the new day

and i still hold
onto the hope

for a release from this pain
another day passes
and i'm left with no recourse

another innocent dies
and their is still no

we dig our own graves
yet life remains the same

forever turning
my gears
in life's twisted