Lonesome Hardship

Written by: Jodie Steward

How does one move on
When they've lost a love,
Trying hard to just adapt
But, its them your thinking of.

Your heart inside is crumbling
Knowing it was a friendship ment to be,
It all started so sudden and was good
While giving up on it now isnt so easily.

Shared memories and built up trust
You try to erase but they remain so near,
Looking in all different directions 
But this loss is just to much to bear.

Many say time helps things fade 
But, how do you mend your heart?
Knowing its because of yourself
That the friendship fell apart.

You cant change your prior mistakes
Nor can you go back to the past,
Just live for only today now
Find happiness that will last.

As each day has a new beginning
They always seem to end the same,
Living with just the memories of a true friend
While sitting here hiding in my shame.